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Andrew West – Toastmaster

Having a toastmaster at your wedding adds a sense of pomp and circumstance to the occasion.  Many people think that a toastmaster’s role is just to say grace and to announce the wedding speeches at the wedding breakfast.  These are just a couple of many, many duties that Andrew will undertake.

He will meet with all of his clients a few months before their wedding to establish their needs and requirements for their special day.  He will get to know the wedding couple and build a relationship with them so that they can feel at ease knowing that their wedding day will flow according to plan.… Read the rest

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Steve Eggleton

You have probably spent many months or even years planning your special day, so now allow Steve to manage the day for you and ensure everything runs to plan and time. Enjoy the company of your family and friends whilst you allow a professional Toastmaster to do all the little things that go towards making your day ‘special’.

Steve is a friendly and informal Toastmaster who will manage the day the way you want it and ensure it is perfect from start to finish.… Read the rest

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George Marshall

George Marshall is a serving Police Sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Service and was trained by the English Toastmasters Association so you can be assured that you will be getting a professional and competent Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. 

George will liaise with the venue staff, caterers, photographer, videographer and any other service you have employed and take care of you and your guests and to make sure every eventuality is covered so things run smoothly, leaving you to enjoy your day with confidence.Read the rest

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