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Bavarian Oompah Band

Oom-pah, Oompah or even Umpapa is in fact the rhythmic music of the heavy brass within an oompah band, a kind of background ostinato.
The actual oom-pah sound is normally produced by the tuba changing between root (tonic) from the chord and also the fifth (dominating) — this kind of tone has been said as being the oom. Typically the pah is in fact played on the off-beats through higher-pitched musical instruments like the clarinet, piano accordion or perhaps trombone. Oompah is usually linked to Volkstümliche Musik, a kind of well-liked German music, along with polka. Within triple time styles like the waltz its oom-pah-pah.

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Bavarian Oompah Band 1

This band offers 2 sets of Bavarian music, games, audience participation, & party tunes to dance the night away!
Size of band: 5 professional musicians.
Based: Hampshire.
Areas Covered: London, South East, & South West.
Previous Clients: Ant & Dec, Stephen Mulhern, Dermot O’Leary, Keith Lemon, Vernon Kay, EasyJet, Military bases, Oktoberfest events.
Starting Price: £750.00.

Bavarian Oompah Band 1 really can bring fun to your event. Suitable for functions, parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, & of course beer festivals, the band will cater and entertain your guests with their wit and humour, coupled with great Bavarian music.… Read the rest

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Men In Shorts

Bavarian Oompah Band 2

A crazy, zany, Bavarian style comedy showband
Size of band: 3 musicians.
Based: West Midlands.
Areas Covered: All of UK & beyond!
Previous Clients: Military bases, Corporate Events, Beer Festivals.
Starting Price: From £575.00.

Bavarian Oompah Band 2 are a ‘Crazy, zany, Bavarian style comedy showband’, and have been going for many years since forming the band in 1996.

They work mainly as a 3-piece band to keep the cost down, but can go out as a 4, or even 5-piece if required.… Read the rest

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Kellermeister Oompah Band

Bavarian Oompah Band 3

Top German Oompah Band comprising professional musicians for a non stop fun filled live show with vocals and audience participation.
Size of band: From 2 – 4 people to suit your budget, also available Solo Bierkeller entertainer instrumental and vocals.
Based: North East.
Areas Covered: 180 mile radius of Leeds.
Previous Clients: Military bases, Corporate Events, Beer Festivals, Food Festivals, Weddings, Tour de Yorkshire, Royal Visit.
Starting Price: From £400.00 for the 2-piece band.

For a super party evening with lots of fun and audience participation there’s no better theme night than a German Bierkeller Night.Read the rest

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